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braised pork riblets • mesquite bbq sauce, potato salad, balsamic greens    13
* mixed plate • red pepper hummus, goat ricotta, castelvetrano olives,
smoked trout salad, warm pita    13
* shrimp & andouille lettuce wraps • butterleaf, macque choux, remoulade    11
goat ricotta bruschetta • roasted eggplant caponata, yellow pepper vinaigrette    10
baked bison meatballs • spicy marinara, mozzarella, fresh herbs, garlic crostini    11
* beef tenderloin tips • warm camembert cheese, greens, wild mushrooms    16
sweet potato fries • mesquite dipping sauce    7
house made corn tortilla chips • with queso and salsa    8
* haskill chicken wings • house bbq, buttery buffalo, or soy ginger    10

*indicates gluten-free