Burgers etc.

Classic  full meal sandwiches &

*8 oz. American Kobe Beef is used for all burgers

~ Guaranteed to satisfy the hearty Montana appetite ~

cornmeal-fried catfish po-boy • cajun cocktail sauce, remoulade, lettuce, tomato    12
chicken naan wrap • paneer cheese, curry-spiced chicken, tzatziki orange chili sauce    12
classic burger • grilled onions, american, swiss or cheddar cheese    12
smokehouse burger • bacon, grilled onions, melted cheddar, bbq sauce    13
mushroom & swiss burger • swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms    13
black n blue burger • cajun seasoning, blue cheese dressing, bacon    13
bison burger • fresh spinach, sharp white cheddar, braised pork belly    17
bayou burger • andouille sausage, pimento cheese, braised greens    14

**burgers are cooked medium-well unless otherwise specified by the customer.
consuming raw or under-cooked meat may pose potential health risks.